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Welcome to Egerton Park Indoor Bowls Club

Welcome to Egerton Park Indoor Bowls Club, who welcome anyone from the surrounding district, to join our friendly club. Bowling at Egerton is for all age groups and various skill sets. We have people on hand, who can coach you through the basic starting points, which is done in a casual relaxed way, enabling beginners to enjoy the experience. Obviously, being an indoor rink, people can bowl as little or as much as they like, all through the year, whatever the weather. We also have a wonderful restaurant and bar with refreshments available all day. You can join either as a playing member or for a reduced fee, become a social member, where you can watch the games, whist taking advantage of all the facilities.

Indoor bowling in Bexhill traces its origins back to 1903 with the construction of the Shelter Hall in Egerton Park, which was proposed to double as a venue for indoor bowls and various events. Although there is no conclusive evidence that the hall was used for bowling initially, by 1907 the local council allocated funds for an indoor rink within the hall, indicating a burgeoning interest in the sport. Outdoor bowls had been a feature in Bexhill since the same year, following its popularity in private gardens, marking the beginning of a rich bowling tradition in the town.

The Bexhill Bowling Club, established before World War I, was the town's first, succeeding where an earlier attempt by a cricket club had failed. The Egerton Park Pavilion Theatre, built in 1933, became one of the earliest indoor bowling centres, adapting for bowling in winter seasons. Over the decades, the club evolved, expanding its facilities and hosting successful tournaments.

Bowls News

MatchReport 202122

Denton Island Match Report

Denton Island 30th May 2024 We left Egerton Park in glorious sunshine. Some were thinking that it would be a good day to bowl outdoors. Then we hit the rain [...]
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MatchReport 202122

White Oak Match Report

White Oak 5th June 2024 A big thanks to the player drivers. We would not have an enjoyable match without you. We are looking forward to White Oak’s visit to [...]
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20240421 130255 Scaled

Finals Results 2024

Men's TriplesP. Saunders J. Denton T. Monk vs K Barber A. Walliss D. Baker21 - 11Men's Pairs P. Saunders T. Monk vs A. Walliss R. Harris21 - 8Mixed PairsL. Budd [...]
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100 Cake

100th Birthday Celebration

On Wednesday the 8th May 2024, we will be celebrating Rocky Stone’s 100th Birthday with a Party starting at 12 noon. Any member or friends who would like to attend, [...]
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